Sitka Hudson Vs Boreal Jacket: Which one comes out on top? In 2024

When it comes time to choose the right jacket for whatever outdoor activity you have planned, there are a few key factors to consider. Is the weather going to be cold, wet, or both? Is your activity going to require more breathability and ventilation than warmth? Or is cold the top priority?

The Sitka Hudson Vs Boreal jackets are two of the best options for cold-weather adventures, and each has unique benefits that make them a great choice. In this article, we’ll look at how they compare and contrast, so you can decide which jacket is right for you. 

Sitka Hudson Vs Boreal Jacket: A Comparison of Specifications and Performance

Sitka Hudson Jacket

Sitka Hudson Jacket

Sitka Boreal Jacket

Sitka Boreal Jacket

Purpose of Used:

The Sitka Hudson and Boreal Jackets are designed for different uses. The Sitka Hudson is a versatile jacket used in various climates and activities, such as hiking, camping, skiing, and mountaineering.

It is lightweight yet warm, making it the perfect choice for any outdoor adventure. The Boreal Jacket is designed for cold weather, making it ideal for skiing and other winter sports. It features a waterproof shell and insulated fill to warm you in the harshest conditions.

It’s important to consider the purpose of use when choosing between these two jackets. Evaluate your activities and climate conditions before purchasing to ensure you get the right jacket. 


The Sitka Hudson is designed to be lightweight but still sturdy, making it ideal for a range of activities in which you may need more movement or adjustability. It features a full-length front zipper, adjustable hem, adjustable cuffs, and articulated elbows for a full range of motion.

 The Boreal Jacket has a more traditional design and no additional adjustable features. Instead, it offers a fixed hood, snap closure at the front, and an adjustable draw cord at the hem for a better fit. It makes it ideal for those who prefer a more classic look or are looking for extra protection in cold weather conditions. 

Both jackets also feature a range of pockets and storage options, which can be adapted to different activities. The Sitka Hudson offers greater flexibility and adjustability than the Boreal Jacket. 


The Sitka Hudson is made from nylon and polyester, making it lightweight and durable. It also features a Gore-Tex membrane that helps keep moisture out while providing breathability. The Boreal jacket is made from a polyester and polyurethane blend.

It also includes an inner layer of fleece to keep you warm and a waterproof outer shell. Both jackets are designed to be durable and provide optimal protection against the elements.


The Sitka Hudson features breathable fabric that helps to keep you cool and comfortable in a range of temperatures. With a relaxed fit, the jacket won’t cling to your body when you move, allowing plenty of ventilation.

The Boreal Jacket has a more fitted silhouette, which means it tends to be less breathable than the Sitka Hudson. Its shell is made of a more technical fabric with some breathability, so it won’t feel too constricting when you wear it in moderate temperatures. 


If you’re looking for maximum warmth, the Boreal Jacket is the best choice. Its down insulation, and high loft make it a great option for cold weather conditions. The Sitka Hudson offers good warmth but is less effective in extremely low temperatures or inclement weather.

The Sitka Hudson’s light insulation may better suit milder conditions. Your decision should be based on your needs and preferences and the typical temperature ranges in the areas you plan to visit. 


Sitka Hudson and Boreal Jackets offer different levels of durability. The Sitka Hudson is made of GORE-TEX fabric with a durable water-repellent finish, making it waterproof, windproof, and breathable.

The Boreal Jacket is also made of polyester fabric with a durable water-repellent finish, but its construction is more lightweight and better suited for mild weather. The Boreal has less reinforcement on the seams and fabric, making it less resilient to wear and tear than the Sitka Hudson.


The Sitka Hudson Jacket features Prim aloft Gold Active insulation designed to keep you warm even in wet conditions. At the same time, the Boreal Jacket has a Synthetic Prim aloft Gold Insulation designed to offer you maximum warmth.

Both offer great insulation and deciding which is best for your particular needs is up to you. Generally speaking, the Boreal Jacket may be more suitable for colder climates, while the Sitka Hudson will provide adequate warmth in milder weather.

Colors Availability:

The Sitka Hudson and Boreal jackets come in various colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your style. The Sitka Hudson is available in several shades of Marsh, while the Boreal jacket has a wider range of colors, including olive green, navy blue, grey, and tan. You can also find both jackets in camouflage print. 


Both the Sitka Hudson and Boreal Jacket have a wide range of prices depending on what features you need. The Sitka Hudson is generally more affordable than the Boreal Jacket but has fewer features or functions than the higher-end Boreal Jackets.

The Boreal Jacket may be more expensive, but it is much more durable and offers more features than the Sitka Hudson. If you are looking for a jacket that will last you several years, the Boreal Jacket might be a better option.

Storage Features:

Storage features are important when considering a jacket. Sitka Hudson has two chest pockets, two hand-warmer pockets, and an internal pocket for smaller items like keys or a wallet.

The Boreal Jacket also has two chest pockets for extra storage, but the interior has just one pocket to store small items. The Boreal Jacket also has a drawstring hem for even more protection against wind or rain, while the Sitka Hudson does not.

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Sitka Hudson Jackets Review:

The Sitka Hudson Jacket is a great choice for those looking for a lightweight, breathable jacket that can provide ample warmth in mild temperatures. Its GORE-TEX fabric makes it waterproof and windproof, while its Primaloft insulation offers plenty of warmth on colder days.

It also has several storage pockets and can customize with your style. While it may not be the most durable jacket, and its insulation is not suited for extremely cold weather conditions, it offers good value for money and is a great choice for milder climates.

If you are looking for a lightweight but dependable jacket that can handle everyday wear, the Sitka Hudson Jacket is worth considering.  

Sitka Boreal Jacket Review:

The Boreal Jacket is a great choice for a more durable, feature-packed option. It offers Synthetic PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation for maximum warmth, even in wet conditions. The reinforced seams and fabric make it quite resilient to wear and tear, so you know it will last several years.

It also has several storage pockets and a wide range of colors. The drawstring hem also offers extra protection against wind or rain. Although it may be more expensive than the Sitka Hudson, the Boreal Jacket is worth considering if you are looking for a reliable jacket that can handle any weather condition.


The Sitka Hudson Vs Boreal Jackets both offer great protection from the elements. Still, each has unique features that make it better suited for different activities and environments. The Sitka Hudson is more breathable and lightweight, making it a good choice for milder temperatures or if you need something more packable.

The Boreal jacket offers extra warmth and storage options, making it great for colder climates or extended outdoor trips. The best jacket for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences and the climate where you’ll spend most of your time outdoors. 

Related FAQs:

Is the Sitka Boreal jacket waterproof?

The Sitka Boreal jacket is indeed waterproof, making it the perfect choice for outdoor activities in wet or rainy conditions. The jacket is made with a GORE-TEX fabric that provides complete protection from wind and rain and allows breathability.

Its three-layer construction helps keep you dry while maintaining high levels of comfort. The jacket features a waterproof storm hood and zippered pockets to store important items safely.

Is the Hudson jacket warm?

The Hudson jacket is a great option if you’re looking for a jacket that provides plenty of warmth. It’s made with premium insulation to keep you cozy in even the chilliest conditions and features adjustable cuffs and drawcords at the hood and hem to help seal in the heat. The shell is waterproof and breathable to stay comfortable in wet weather.

Can I wash my Sitka jacket?

You can wash and care for your Sitka jacket if you take the proper steps. Washing a Sitka jacket may seem daunting, but you can keep it looking great with a few easy steps.

  • Start by brushing off any dirt or debris from the jacket.
  • Spot clean any stains using a mild soap and warm water. Don’t scrub too hard – use gentle movements to avoid damaging the fabric.
  • When ready, the machine washes your Sitka jacket in cold water on a delicate cycle with a mild detergent. Do not bleach or put it in the dryer, which could damage the fabric.
  • Hang your jacket to air dry, away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
  • Once dry, give your jacket one final brush before wearing it again.