ScentLok Vs Sitka Gear: Which Dominates the Competition in 2024

ScentLok Vs Sitka Gear are the two brands most often compared to hunting apparel. Both offer excellent active camouflage technology that helps hunters remain undetected. This article will compare the features of both ScentLok and Sitka Gear so you can decide which brand is best suited for your needs.

We will examine the differences between their scent-blocking capabilities, breathability, durability, range of styles, and price points. With this information, you can decide when purchasing your hunting apparel. Read on to learn more about ScentLok vs. Sitka Gear! 

ScentLok Vs Sitka Gear: A Comparison of Key Features

ScentLok Gear

ScentLok Gear

Sitka Gear

Sitka Gear

Scent-Blocking Capabilities:

ScentLok is known for its patented Carbon Alloy Technology that has been tested and proven to trap odors and keep them from escaping. This technology also helps reduce the amount of sweat absorbed into your clothing, which helps reduce body odor when you are active.

Sitka Gear takes a different approach with its Optifade Concealment Technology. This system uses advanced fabrics to absorb odors at the molecular level, making them virtually undetectable by game animals.

Sitka Gear also offers specialized garments with a grid pattern that helps break up your silhouette and blend into the environment, making it even more difficult for game animals to pick you out from the background.


ScentLok and Sitka Gear offer highly breathable garments that keep you cool and comfortable during physical activity. But the fabric used in ScentLok clothing, called Carbon Alloy technology, was specially developed to adsorb odors while allowing sweat vapor to pass through it.

Though Sitka Gear has some odor protection features, its clothing is primarily designed to protect you from the elements rather than odors. So if odor protection is your priority, ScentLok has the edge over Sitka Gear.


When it comes to durability, ScentLok and Sitka Gear both offer quality products that are designed to last. With ScentLok, you can trust your clothing will stay in good condition regardless of weather or terrain, thanks to its advanced fabric technology and waterproofing capabilities.

Sitka Gear also provides top-notch clothing made with high-quality fabrics and materials, so you can trust their clothing to be durable and long-lasting.

Price Point:

ScentLok is generally less expensive than Sitka Gear. While most cost differences are marginal, they can add to significant savings if you buy multiple items. It’s important to scrutinize both options, as Sitka may offer a better value due to its excellent durability and higher-quality materials.

Style and Versatility:

ScentLok and Sitka Gear have different approaches. While ScentLok focuses primarily on function and protection from the elements, Sitka Gear emphasizes the role and fashion-forward style.

Sitka Gear offers an extensive collection of jackets, shirts, pants, hats, and accessories available in a variety of colors and patterns to cater to a wide range of preferences and styles.

The fabrics used are lightweight and breathable, allowing you to stay cool and comfortable no matter the weather conditions. ScentLok’s garments offer protection from wind, rain, and snow, making them perfect for those who venture off into more extreme climates.

Each company offers a range of options, allowing you to find what you need for your outdoor lifestyle.

Used Material:

When it comes to hunting gear, having suitable material is essential for success. ScentLok’s clothing is made with proprietary Carbon Alloy technology designed to keep odors locked in and scent particles out.

Carbon Alloy combines activated carbon, treated carbon, and zeolite to create a powerful odor-absorbing barrier that helps keep hunters undetected by their prey.

Sitka Gear also uses quality materials for its apparel. Each garment is made from GORE-TEX waterproof, breathable, and lightweight fabrics. It ensures that Sitka Gear’s clothing can withstand all weather conditions while providing the comfort and breathability needed for a successful hunt.


ScentLok uses Carbon Alloy technology to absorb human odor particles before animals can detect them. The technology also selectively binds to specific odor molecules, which helps reduce the scent-based disruption of the hunt. 

Sitka Gear utilizes its Optifade patterns, specifically designed to match the color and texture of different hunting environments. It allows Sitka Gear customers to blend into their surroundings better than traditional camouflage methods. The Optifade patterns are printed on a lightweight, water-resistant fabric that helps reduce noise and movement. 

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ScentLok Gear Review:

When controlling your scent while out hunting, ScentLok is the answer. Combining their patented Carbon Alloy technology and moisture wicking fabric, ScentLok creates an odorless barrier between you and the outside world.

The Carbon Alloy technology helps to absorb and neutralize odors, while the moisture-wicking fabric draws sweat away from your body and keeps you cool. The ScentLok line includes various apparel items such as base layers, jackets, bibs, gloves, hats, and more to find what works best for your needs.

The base layer clothing features extra fabric at the elbows and knees for protection and a full zipper for easy on and off. ScentLok also has a fantastic selection of outerwear to add another layer of protection against odors.

Sitka Gear Review:

If you are looking for the best outdoor apparel, look no further than Sitka Gear. Not only is their clothing made from quality materials and tailored to fit perfectly, but they also put great effort into ensuring that each piece is up to the highest standards.

Sitka Gear offers an unmatched outdoor experience through its pioneering designs and state-of-the-art technology. Sitka Gear is dedicated to providing the best possible gear for any situation, whether you’re out on an extended hunting trip or just taking a weekend hike.

Their products are designed with the most advanced technology and fabrics available, so you know that when you put on one of their items, it will perform in whatever conditions nature throws your way.

They also use a unique combination of Gore-Tex and Prim aloft fabrics to make their clothing water-resistant, breathable, and lightweight. You won’t have to worry about getting wet or too hot when wearing one of their pieces.


ScentLok and Sitka Gear provide quality outdoor apparel, each offering advantages. ScentLok has patented Carbon Alloy technology to neutralize odors and moisture-wicking fabrics for breathability, while Sitka Gear offers high-quality tailoring and innovative designs with cutting-edge technology.

It comes down to personal preference and what you’re looking for in terms of performance. Both brands are excellent options for outdoor apparel, but only you can decide which one is right for you.

Related FAQs:

Does ScentLok Clothing Work?

Scentlok clothing prevents your scent from being detected by animals and other hunters. Its garments and accessories blend activated carbon, zeolite, and other natural odor-absorbing materials.

The garments are also lined with silverized fibers that help to reflect human scent away from the animal’s nose. The effectiveness of Scentlok clothing has been tested in various ways, including laboratory testing, field studies, and reviews by experienced hunters.

Is Sitka Gear Scent-Proof?

Sitka gear is designed to be scent-proof, with odor control technology that works hard to keep you undetected by animals. Sitka gear utilizes a unique combination of carbon-based fabrics and finishes that neutralize odors and prevent them from being released.

The material is also designed to be silent, helping you stay concealed while on the hunt. Sitka uses an advanced wicking system to manage moisture, which helps keep your scent from being released.

Is Sitka The Warmest Gear?

Sitka is well-known for making some of the warmest gear on the market. Their jackets, pants, and other outerwear are designed with insulation technology that helps to keep you comfortable in cold weather conditions.

Sitka uses a combination of PrimaLoft, GORE-TEX, and other materials in their garments, ensuring they provide the highest level of warmth and protection.

How Long Does It Take For ScentLok To Dry?

ScentLok clothing is designed to protect you from unwanted odors, so it’s important to ensure your clothes are properly dried before using them. Generally speaking, it takes 8-12 hours for most ScentLok clothes to dry completely.

If you are in a hurry, you can use a fan or other air circulation device to speed up the drying process. Some ScentLok garments come with quick-drying technology that significantly reduces the time needed for drying.